Our Team

teamOur Vision

Majestic understands your home is your sanctuary. It's a place you feel safe, secure, and more importantly, you can be there yourself. We are committed to delivering the level of services our customers want by paying close attention to their expectations. This is just one of the many ways Majestic helps to create a clean, safe environment that you and your family are proud to call home. We are also committed to acting with honesty and integrity at all times in all aspects of our business while delivering a consistent and high level quality of work.

Our Mission

Expect the Majestic residential and office cleaners with supplies, a smile, and above all, an attitude that earns your respect. Our mission is to provide top-notch cleaning services so you can dedicate your time to more important business, like spending time with family and friends. Our team will happily work around you with as little disruption as possible. Our work is our greatest marketing tool, and as we strive to present a professional image in all our dealings with clients, we believe that we will ensure continual client satisfaction.

We started to work and acquire experience as professional cleaners back in 2002 by assisting local cleaning companies around Atlanta. Through these years, we have built our reputation by cleaning one house at a time. By 2012, we realized that we had gathered enough experience and knowledge to start our own business and have perfected our techniques, resulting in the efficiency and transparency of our work.Owner


Cleaning Process

Majestic's professional house and office cleaning service never misses a detail. Our cleaning professional thoroughly clean every room of your home based on your customized cleaning plan.

As our professional house cleaners move through your home, every room is dusted left to right, top to bottom. Starting with cobwebs hiding in hard-to-reach corners and dust that clings to ceiling fans and light fixtures, our professionals work top down – not missing a spot. This efficient method helps corral dust and dirt, making it easier to remove from your home.

Moving from the ceiling to your shelves, furniture, counters and other surfaces, our professionally trained cleaners treat delicate items with care. After dusting the floorboards and ensuring clean surfaces, we begin specific room cleaning procedures, including wiping surfaces to rid your home of harmful bacteria, allergens and cold-causing germs.

George Giegh | Cleaning Expert


"We are a trusted name among residential cleaning companies because we consistently deliver value through quality service that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations."

Taina Mangon | Assistant


"Most of our costumers have pets and they are considered family members, just like our own, and we know how important it is to use safe products in order to protect their pets' health."

Kayke Mangon | Assistant


"We work better than just team work. We are family and in everything we do we put our hearts to get the best results for us and ultimately for our clients."

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